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Welcome to Hurren and Gibson. We are a small firm, located in Fort Erie, Ontario. We currently have two lawyers and four full time staff members. Our first priority is always to provide our clients with quality and affordable legal services.

The firm was founded in 1989 when David Hurren hung up his shingle as a sole practitioner. David practiced for 35 years before Ashley Gibson joined the firm in 2007. The firm offers a wide array of legal services, including real estate, wills and estates, corporate commercial, civil litigation, family law and child protection.

Hurren and Gibson is committed to access to justice and social justice and legal aid certificates have always and will always be accepted. Ashley and David have both also taken on a number of pro-bono cases to get the most vulnerable clients through the worst of times. The team at Hurren and Gibson takes all aspects of your case seriously and they pride themselves on providing quality, practical and affordable legal advice. The firm’s goal has always been to assist you navigate the legal system while ensuring that the client’s experience with the justice system does not completely take over their lives, or leave them without a life to return to after the litigation. The firm’s goal is to ensure that clients can deal with their problem and return to their life with dignity and financial stability. Hurren and Gibson focusses on negotiating principled and fair settlements so that clients can maintain control of their affairs and thrive in all aspects of their lives.

At Hurren and Gibson you will not be just a number, you will feel like you are part of the team. Hurren and Gibson may be small, but they are committed to providing the best quality of legal services possible.

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We offer practical solutions to all of your legal problems.